3DS eShop releases for 18th April

Its a big week for Fire Emblem fans as Fire Emblem: Awakening is released this Friday and will be available to download on the stroke of midnight on April 19th on the eShop for £39.99.

Nintendo eShop logo.

Nintendo eShop logo.


Other than that a bit of a quiet week for releases:

Virtual Console:
* Dig Dug (NES) £3.59 – The NES port of the 1982 classic is available on the eShop where you dig in the ground and blow up the enemies.

*Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo (Pixel Toys: £4.49) – A platformer in which you play as a squirrel on a mission to recover its acron stash which was stolen. This game started out on the iOS platform as Little Acorns.
Some Guild 01 games are in the discount section this week as well as Rising Star’s Virtue’s Last Reward which is the sequel to 999:Nine Hours, Nine Persons, 9 Doors.

  • Liberation Maiden (Level-5, £4.49 until 30th May, normally £7.19)
  • Crimson Shroud (Level-5, £4.49 until 30th May, normally £7.19)
  • Aero Porter (Level-5, £2.69 until 30th May, normally £4.49)
  • Virtue’s Last Reward (Rising Star Games,£19.99, until 2nd May, normally £30.00)
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