3DS eShop downloads for 18th June

Nintendo eShop logo.

After yesterday’s Nintendo World Championship (NWC 2015), it is time to get back to business before tomorrow’s Digital Event which starts at 5pm (UK time). Download eShop: Xeodrifter (Renegade Kid, €8.99 / £7.99) Comic Workshop 2 (Collavier, €4.79 / £4.29 …Continue reading →

3DS eShop specials for 11th June

Nintendo eShop logo.

E3 is next week (June 16th to June 18th) and hence there are many predictions for what Nintendo will bring out for the 3DS and Wii U within the next 12 months. This week is a short list but for …Continue reading →

Tappingo 2 will finally reach most of Europe in late June

tappingo2 logo

Many who enjoyed the original Tappingo game were wondering when and if the sequel would reach Europe as Tappingo 2 was released back in September 2014 in the States. A date has finally being announced which is June 25th (except …Continue reading →

3DS eShop specials for 4th June

Nintendo eShop logo.

It’s the first day of June and Summer is near which means some people will put the nice weather over gaming as a priority this summer. Like the past few weeks it will be more of a discount week than …Continue reading →

3DS eShop specials for 28th May

Nintendo eShop logo.

Yesterday was a bank holiday hence the delay in information. Another quiet week for the 3DS unlike the Wii U which is getting Splatoon this Friday. Retail Download eShop: Fossil Fighters: Frontier (Nintendo, €39.99 / £34.99) HOME Themes: Splatoon: Inkredible …Continue reading →

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