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3DS eShop releases for 28th November

Nintendo eShop logo.

For those not on the XBOX One/PS4 launch hype, there is another round of releases for the 3DS this week, including the first batch of SEGA’s 3D Classics range which brings the Megadrive games onto the 3DS, with added 3D …Continue reading →

Project X Zone – Full Review

Project X Zone's logo

Everyone loves a cross-over right? It’s every fanboy’s dream to watch their favourite characters beat each other senseless for their personal enjoyment. Cross-overs over years have proven to be very successful, from Capcom Vs Marvel, Capcom Vs KOF (King of …Continue reading →

Project X Zone to get a SECOND demo next month.


The demo to the upcoming tactical RPG/Brawler Project X Zone was released last Thursday, but us European fans are getting another demo next month on the 27th June 2013, which is closer to the project release date of 5th July …Continue reading →

Project X Zone European release date revealed


Last Week the release of Project X Zone was revealed in North America for 25th July , but Europe only got a vague date of Summer 2013. But just yesterday, Namco Bandai revealed that the game will be released in …Continue reading →

Tales of the Abyss – Full Review

The game has some wonderfully memorial characters

Tales of the Abyss is a Japanese Role-Playing game with an action-based combat system. As you go through the story, you will explore towns, complete sidequests, meet new characters, explore dungeons, find treasure, fight monsters, fight bosses, complete puzzles, everything …Continue reading →