America gets MH4 Ultimate Collector’s Edition

While Monster Hunter 4 will not reach western shores until early 2015 at the earliest, Capcom has already revealed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will have a limited  Collector’s Edition along side the regular edition in America at least.

MH4U limited

All the swag a hunter would need.

The Collector’s Edition will cost $59.99 and will come packed in a blue box resembling the Supply Boxes from the game itself and included will be:

  • A copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3DS
  • An exclusive translucent Gore Magala figure
  • A pin of a Felyne donned in Gore Magala armor
  • A lanyard
  • A cleaning cloth (the logo currently seen on it is said to be a placeholder)

No word if Europe will be receiving a limited edition as of yet, but EU hunters can hope.

Source: Capcom Unity

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