Celestial Council Congress #1 ~ Monster Hunter 3

Now for a new segment on 3DSBlessed. It has been decreed (by HelenBaby) that from time to time we’re going to assemble people relevant to the Uk gaming community in general (plus the 3DS community in particular, ofcourse) and this group will be known as the Celestial Council. Term of office on the Council is short ; it only lasts for one post! However it is possible for Councillors to be re-appointed an infinite number of times…

The Celestial Council will meet to put forward its opinions on games/news or debates pertaining to the 3DS. In this, our premier get-together ; Gamewank’s Ric Morgan, DS:London attendee Alex Kinch, our very own contributer Cyrus and, last but by no means least, SegaDriven’s Lewis Clark have contributed their thoughts on that most popular of titles ; Monster Hunter 3.


We at 3DSBlessed had to do something to mark the launch of this monster title... so what better way than to make it the subject of our very first Celestial Council?

We at 3DSBlessed had to do something to mark the launch of this monster title… so what better way than to make it the subject of our very first Celestial Council?


morganRic Morgan
Co-owner of Gamewank.com
“Monster Hunter 3U is my first real trek into the world of Hunting Monsters. It was always a title I was slightly intimidated to try. It seemed a little…dense. The sort of game that might require a little too much investment for me to even think about approaching.
But I was drawn to Monster Hunter 3U, possibly because I wanted something to play on my shiny new WiiU, or perhaps I thought I was ready.
I threw myself into the game. I started spending weekend afternoons just firing about the game’s environments, just soaking them in, spending forever swimming around for no particular reason, engrossed in customising and organising my inventory until my WiiU gamepad’s incredibly stunted battery gave out on me.
Taking on Arena battles under my duvet on my 3DS when I really should be going to sleep. Not wanting train journeys to end lest I fail a quest and lose all of my reward cash!
Oh yeah…there’s monster’s in it as well. It almost feels like a bonus that on top of this rich world there’s a pantheon of tremendous and beautiful monsters to track, chase and fight. These aren’t your average game enemies, there’s a definite feeling of equality here, you need to watch their behaviour, figure them out, find their weakness…taking out one of these guys isn’t just fun, it’s massively rewarding”.

Ric was keen to finish his 3DS quest before his train journey ended...

Ric was keen to finish his 3DS quest before his train journey ended…


alexAlex Kinch
Former Employee of GAME
“When I picked up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate it was because I was under pressure. Lots of my friends were begging me to… but I’ve always been a Pokémon player! It would take alot to tear me away from Pikachu and friends.

During the first hour of play I though I’d made a mistake, but then ; Bam! The addiction had hit me… Weapons, RPG elements, screen filling monsters and Japanese humour… all of them fantastic! So many quests and extras and I knew I was in for a treat. Having never played Monster Hunter or MH Tri before I had an open mind. I’m glad my friends are such bullies 😉
You start the game with next to nothing but soon kill a few beasts to get more weapons and armour to enable you to kill bigger beasts and so on. Think of that scene in Batman Begins with Gordon telling Batman “we start carrying semi-automatics, they buy fully automatics, we start wearing kevlar, they buy armour piecing rounds”. This is a fitting analogy of the game as every monster gets stronger as you get stronger.
The muitiplayer is better on Wii U to be honest but Monster Hunter is very much designed for hunts on the go. Up to 4 people can team up to take down quests’ monsters and, yes, some of the battles do get repetitive, but thats half the fun! If you have no 3DS friends in your part of town 2 AI children help you out with help from masks and powers. You never have to hunt alone.
All in all I’ve forgotten what a Pikachu even is!”

It takes one hell of a game to make a man forget his Pokémon. MH3, according to Alex Kinch, is such a game...

It takes one hell of a game to make a man forget his Pokémon. MH3, according to Alex Kinch, is such a game…


Contributer Writer at 3DSBlessed

“Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a massive game that requires a lot of time, dedication and patience; it can easily provide up to hundreds of hours of addicting gameplay, maybe even thousands. The game rewards intelligent and wise decision-making as you battle a large variety of massive and powerful monsters, learning each and every monsters’ weaknesses, resistances and attacks makes battles all the more satisfying.

As previously mentioned, Monster Hunter games are games that require a lot of patience, gamers should not expect to immediately jump into the game and start felling large monsters, however, every small thing you do in the game, whether it is killing lesser monsters or gathering resources, all lead up to you taking down the larger and more powerful foes. That being said, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is not for everyone, especially not if you’re after an engrossing plot, however, if you have a large amount of free time and friends that have the game as well, be sure to pick this up as the game is an absolute blast, both single and multiplayer. Just don’t neglect sleep and food and work, as living in real life important too”.

Time-sink but worth it? Cyrus seems to think so!

Time-sink but worth it? Cyrus seems to think so!


lewisSonicYoda, aka Lewis Clark
Owner of SegaDriven
“The Monster Hunter series is one I’ve followed but not necessarily indulged in nearly as much as I should. Thanks to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate this has now changed.
The most important difference in this title as opposed to previous entries in the series is that it loads so much faster. The areas of the game are split up by little loading sequences that in past entries really killed the pace for me. The loading always made Monster Hunter a more arduous task than it probably should have been, but thanks to the incredibly fast loading times of this entry, I can finally lose myself in this world.
I’m doing the same thing I’ve done in every other game I’ve played; choose a great blade, swing that bad-boy on the head of everything that moves and then harvest its’ loot to make better armour and weapons, but I’ve really found myself enjoying the whole experience a lot more thanks to the quick loading times. It’s brilliant to see how one small, almost insignificant thing can change a game for the better.”

MH3 is perfect for impatient gamers who can't be doing with loading times, such as Lewis...

MH3 is perfect for impatient gamers who can’t be doing with loading times, such as Lewis…

We’d like to thank everyone on the Council for taking part in today’s forum. Expect to see plenty more Celestial Council discussions in the near future…


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