Celestial Council Congress #5 ~ Best Use of StreetPass

After a long break the Celestial Council have reconvened! This time the Councillors come together to talk about the games they feel make the best use of the 3DS’ StreetPass function. Taking part this time is Nameri, Derrin Jacques, NintyFanDavid and Izzy Redsell.


Author of the 3DSBlessed Animal Crossing and Tomodachi Life fanfics

Animal Crossing : New Leaf


AC:NL players can spend hours exploring the Happy Home Showcase…

“Animal Crossing New Leaf (ACNL) is all about customisation, and StreetPass has been implemented in ACNL with the “Happy Home Showcase” – shown in-game as an “Ideal Home Exhibition” style area with 48 slots for the houses of people you meet via StreetPass.

When you get someone on StreetPass, their most recent house is put in your Showcase to look around.  The best part is that a lot of the furnishings (excluding things that are deliberately hard to get like event reward items, some special DLC items, and furniture customised by Cyrus) can then be purchased by mail-order, up to five items a day.

You can get up to 10 new houses at a time and once you have 48 in total the 49th will replace the oldest house. However, if you collect a house where you just love everything, you can lock it and keep it there until you have ordered everything you want from it.

If you StreetPass someone more than once their Showcase house is updated – and if you meet them a lot, you can get items from them for your character to hold (e.g. balloons, bubble wand, ice cream etc).”

Derrin Jaques

Winner of MiiVision 2014, representing StreetPass London

StreetPass Squad

Derrin appreciates that StreetPass Squad lets him show off...

Derrin appreciates that StreetPass Squad lets him show off…

“I think the best use of StreetPass functionality is in StreetPass Squad. Squad is a great space shoot ’em up game, with plenty of levels, and a good difficulty curve. The favourite colour of the Mii you have StreetPassed determines the weapon you get to use in game. My favourite functionality though is the leaderboards, as you swap high scores with the people you StreetPass. I like the idea of being on the top of other people’s high score lists, or the challenge to beat their scores.”


Nintendo Boothbabe

Kid Icarus


Ninty was impressed by Kid Icarus’ weapon system…

“The StreetPass function on Kid Icarus enables you to choose a weapon to send to other players aswell as receive one weapons from other players.  One of the good things about this game’s use of StreetPass is that it allows you to collect up to 50 StreetPass hits before you need to open the game and go through the gems you have collected.  When you receive a gem from another player you can see which weapon that gem is for and, if you want to, you can then buy that weapon. The prices of these weapons vary dramatically with the most valuable ones costing about 50 thousand hearts. Hence, although StreetPass allows you to obtain weapons that may be hard to find in the game you do often still need to pay a high price to get them”.

Izzy Redsell

MHCUK and StreetPass London attendee

Mario Kart 7

MK7's StreetPass function allows you to spread your seed about... in the form of racing ghosts!

MK7’s StreetPass function allows you to spread your seed about… in the form of racing ghosts!

Mario Kart 7 is probably one of the best StreetPass games. You can do all the usual stuff like race against other player’s ‘ghosts’ to see if you can beat them in a straight up time trial, but you can also play a Mii copy of them in Grand Prix too! The game records player traits and tactics so that when you race their Mii in the global channel, they’ll act the way the player typically does. So if they like to spam bananas or take a specific shortcut, their Mii will do so too. You can also check your own stats and title to give a bit of insight into your own play style. It’s kinda fun to think your Mii is out there kicking butt for you!

Another great feature in playing against each other’s Miis is that you can get extra parts from their car. Winning gold in a player’s Grand Prix also awards a random part from their vehicle, so you can build your garage faster and with less grinding for coins. Can’t win gold parts, but still pretty awesome!

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