eShop downloads for 14th March 2013

A bit quiet this week in terms of release but none the less.

Starting with 3DS eShop exclusives we have Viking Invasion 2:Tower Defense (£6.99), which is similar to games like Kingdom Rush and Fieldrunners in that you can build tower to shoot at enemies before they get to your base.

Nintendo eShop logo.

Nintendo eShop logo.

On the Digital Retail, there’s Pets Resort 3D (£24.99) which many will say is just a Nintendogs clone, which to sme extent is true, but in this game you can groom dogs and cats on a tropical island so it has that going for it.

And finally on demos, or demo as there only 1 new demo this week and that is Naruto Powerful Shippuden, which is based on the spin off which features Rock Lee as the main characters and is a side scrolling beat em up.


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