GamesAid UK Cheque giving ceremony 2017

We at 3DSBlessed had the opportunity to go to Warner Bros Entertainment in Holborn to watch the GamesAid UK Cheque giving ceremony.

Before the ceremony, we had the chance to mingle with some of the charities involved such as Autistica and Special Effect and snacks/beverages were provided by the event, (with optional donations towards GamesAid)

The ceremony itself was in one of WB’s screening rooms and there was a short presentation about what GamesAid UK does and how much money has been raised through various methods from runs to Twitch streams and even skin mods on certain games e.g. War of the Overworld’s Cynical Imp skin mod alone raised £19,000 to date.

In addition they talked about Humble Bundles which involves the customer getting to choose how much they want to pay and that money goes towards the charity of their choice.

There were 8 charities which were chosen and they each received £69,729 and they gave speeches about what they do and their plans to spend the money. These are the charities listed:

  • Accuro
  • Aidis Trust
  • Autistica UK
  • The Clock Sanctuary (Brighton & Hove)
  • LifeLites
  • Over the Call Camp
  • Solving Kids’ Cancer
  • Special Effect

To check out GamesAid UK visit their following links:


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