Ghostlight Software says patch for Devil Survivor Overclocked is complete

When Devil Survivor Overclocked was released in Europe at the end of last month, there were reports that several bugs which would cause the game to crash when either using the summon ability or being lied to by an auction seller causing much annoyance to European gamers would have been waiting for nearly 2 years since the American release of the game, with added frustration that due to the 3DS region lock, they couldn’t just import the American release.

ghostlight tweet dso

According to Ghostlight Software’s twitter account (the publishers for the EU version), they say a patch is ready and will be submitted to Nintendo for inspection. Also they say the game is back in stock probably pre-patched, so when the patch does come out , gamers will be able to play DSO as intended.

GoNintendo Link
Ghostlight Software Twitter

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