Nab yourself a free Charizard in GAME @ Hamleys

GAME @ Hamleys is taking part in GAME’s new nationwide Charizard distribution event! Those of you with Pokémon X/Y just need to pop into store between now and August 10th, connect to their Nintendo Zone, and you can download a free Charizard, complete with the Charizardite for the opposite game (so Charizards downloaded by X users will be holding the Mega Stone for Y, and vice versa). For those of you who don’t know, when you manage to obtain the correct Charizardite for your version of the game (using trading, which is no doubt something this promotion is designed to encourage) you will be able to evolve your Charizard into the formidable Mega Charizard




Here is Hamleys address :
188-196 Regent Street

You can find their GAME section situated in the basement. Don’t forget to mention that 3DSBlessed sent you!

You can also follow them on Twitter here :

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