New Leaf Noir #3 by Nameri

As many of you will need no informing ; tomorrow is the day when Nameri’s much anticipated New Leaf Streetpass London event takes place. With 110 people RSVP’d as ‘going’ and 46 marked down as ‘maybe’ so far, it looks to be quite a bustling affair indeed! For more information please see here.

To get you in the mood for it, 3DSBlessed is proud to bring you part 3 of Nameri’s popular New Leaf Noir fanfic (full title ‘New Leaf Noir: A No Horse Town’). And if you haven’t checked them out already parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here.


E-poster advertising Nameri's upcoming AC:NL meetup

E-poster advertising Nameri’s upcoming AC:NL meetup



No horses in my suspect list (i.e everyone in town). There are, last time I counted, an owl, three porcupines (or maybe hedgehogs), a sloth, three tanuki (one said he was a “raccoon” but that disguise didn’t fool me for a second), a very shady otter who talks like an insurance salesman but seems to have a team who break into my house to case the joint and then report back how pretty it is, rather than steal it). There’s a couple of pelicans (three if you count the mailman). Another family business, but one sweet and one sour. That’s in the north end of town. There’s a monkey at the tram stop, couple of alpacas run a store. Isabelle the pup secretary I mentioned before. As far as villagers go, there’s an elephant, hippo, flamingo I think and a deer. They are the relatively normal ones. The screwed up ones: a tabby cat that seems to dress like a walking skeleton, a green zombie goat, a rabbit girl dressed up as a superhero, and a robot frog with some numbers tattooed on the back of his head (government experiment cyborg?!). And me.


Shady otter is shady...

Shady otter is shady…


One mystery is cleared up. The old mayor appeared and invited me to visit his island in the sun. So he’s not dead, but dude has his own private island. Number one suspect for the empty museum racket then. I’ll go check it out when I need a vacation.

The recycling store is what’s got my ear for trouble itching like crazy now. Alpaca in a pink rinse called Reese runs the place, and she will take ANYTHING. Couple days ago they were giving extra for moths. Moths. They do a bring and buy, so it’s a good place to get freakishly ugly furniture that no-one else in town can stand. Strange for a recycling store though, the usual kinda things you recycle (tin cans) she makes you pay her to take them off your hands! Mixed-up broad will buy moths, tiny seashells, ugly shirts, mosquitoes, fish I have stored overnight in the locker in the train station but NOT tin cans. And there are no trash cans, so I have to pay her to take them when I fish them up. Going to have to build some.


Reese : she's not fussy!

Reese : she’s not fussy!


Yeah, I’ve been doing the mayor thing. Built a bridge and a fountain. Put flowers all round it. Real pretty. Gladys the bird asked for a chair. Nice idea. By a lake, I think. The town committee aren’t satisfied yet, and that old owl who talks like an old major in an Agatha Christie novel is the spokesowl, looks like. Isabelle doesn’t say he wrote the report, but I know.

So I’ve been working hard, but not as hard as Cyrus, Reese’s husband with the Elvis hairdo. He’s always asleep at his desk. Like… always. For days. She says he’s been working and won’t let me check him, but I wonder if he’s been drugged. He’s snoring, so he’s still breathing, which is good I guess.


Detectives prefer night time. Its, like, their thing...

Detectives prefer night time. Its, like, their thing…


Did an ordnance to make ’em work late, to fit in with my gumshoe lifestyle. I like nights. Most of the stores now shut around midnight but Reese is still there taking all my random goodness until 2 am. She must know I’m suspicious and wants to keep me sweet. That or she is the buyer for a rare butterfly smuggling ring. She pays well for a Raja Brooke, that’s all I know



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