Off The Page : Gaming

‘Off the Page’ is an exciting new series of bi-monthly events that bring together people from all over the marketing world.

Off The Page logo

Off The Page logo

The first event is taking place tomorrow in the Grouncho Club in West London. It managed to catch 3DSBlessed’s attention because the topic of launch night is, as you might guess : gaming. The guest speakers in attendance will be presenting an argument about what the other cultural industries can learn from gaming.

The line-up looks impressive, and includes GameCity Prize Judge Charlie Higson, Preloaded’s Creative Director Phil Stuart, plus Dave Morris, creator of the popular Frankenstein app.

Interactive Frankenstein app

Dave Morris’ interactive Frankenstein app for iOS

Tickets are £15 each and include a free drink. For more info please see here

3DSBlessed will be in attendance. We hope to see you there!

Off The Page Official Site :

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