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The Chaos Hour is a Welsh Geek Lifestyle e-zine. They feature coverage of video games, movies, sci-fi and more. Anything big in the world of geekdom you can think of ; chances are its there.


The Chaos Hour's logo

The Chaos Hour’s logo


The site is extremely popular, reaching between 1500 and 5000 unique visitors on a daily basis. As such the owner would, quite rightly, like to expand (as well as perfect any little issues the site currently faces). And here’s where the snag lies. Being a non-profit site there is currently no revenue coming in. So Padraig Balch, the site’s owner, has turned to Kickstarter to help him raise the required funds.


Like all decent new gaming projects of recent times ; the Chaos Hour have jumped on the Kickstarter bandwagon!

Like many new gaming projects of recent times ; the Chaos Hour team have jumped on the Kickstarter bandwagon…


There are a range of perks available for donaters depending on how much they pledge, including adverts on the site in a range of sizes and for different durations. There are also branded T-shirts, signed Anastasia Catris cards and even a personal thank you video. For the full range please click here.


A list of some of the perks available to donaters...

A list of some of the perks available to donaters…


Your money would go towards fixing the site’s backend, helping other independent projects (who the Chaos Hour are very supportive of by the way) promote their ideas and competitions, among other things!

The Chaos Hour is a great up-and-coming venture, and if you can spare the funds we at 3DSBlessed would certainly recommend donating to the cause.

We wish the team the very best of luck!

The Chaos Hour website :

The Chaos Hour’s Kickstarter page :

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