Preview: Persona Q @ EGX 2014

Cyrus wrote a full review of the Japanese version of Persona Q for 3DSBlessed earlier this year, and rated the game the rather hefty score of 10/10. Please check out his extensive article here. Despite this I thought it might be worthwhile doing a little preview of the UK version as part of the site’s EGX14 coverage.


Persona Q's grrovy, Austin Powers-esque logo...

Persona Q’s groovy, Austin Powers-esque logo…


Being an Etrian Odyssey-style RPG this game is, as you might imagine, heavy on the dialogue. I am not kidding. I held down the forward-wind button (which was, mercifully, remarkably fast) extensively, and still found myself waiting for the action to begin about 20 minutes later. Of course if, like Cyrus, you’re the type of gamer who’s attracted to such highly narrative-driven games this probably wouldn’t be a problem for you (indeed, I’m guessing it would be a plus). If this were not the case, after all, Cyrus would not have bestowed the title with the highest score available on the site. But to someone without this disposition, trying to concentrate on the title while in a large convention full of delicious distractions was tough to say the least.


Sega's influence on the project was delightfully obvious

Sega’s influence on the project was delightfully obvious


That said, even as someone who is not a fan of games of this sort, I was still most impressed when I finally (finally!) got to try the game’s interactive elements. The first level, an Alice in Wonderland inspired affair, was literally dripping with the sounds and visuals of eccentric Sega (who were involved in this game’s production) at their very best. The battle system was very fast-paced and fluid, bringing back happy memories to my mind of DS RPG Dragon Quest 9. The characters themselves looked expressive and interesting, and despite my earlier lack of regard for them and their story I found myself coming to want to discover more about them.

So there you have it. This dense RPG won’t be to everyone’s taste. But those of you to whom it will appeal will find it to be the best of a great bunch of Atlus 3DS RPGs.


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