StreetPass Donegal Meetup • September 10th

On Saturday September 10th North West Ireland will be playing host to its first ever Nintendo 3DS meetup (with a hint of Pokémon Go). Yes, the group StreetPass Donegal are convening at The Exchange, which is a Community Centre in Buncrana, Co.Donegal (in the Republic of Ireland), for Nintendo shenanigans all afternoon.

The main activity on the day will be Nintendo 3DS players gaming with one another. Although it is not essential we generally expect attendees to bring along Nintendo 3DS consoles. What games are we expecting to play you ask? We’re up for playing anything and everything. If you’re asking us which titles we expect will be popular on the day, however, we’d have to admit we’re expect Monster Hunter Generations, Pokémon, Mario Kart 7 etc.


StreetPass Donegal ePoster. They are hosting a meetup at The Exchenge in Buncrana on 10th September

ePoster advertising the event. Complete with a QR code which can be scanned to take you straight to the event page


For those without Nintendo 3DSes (or those with who fancy mixing it up) there will be a Wii U available to play on the day. We are planning on hosting some kind of contest utilising this, but haven’t made any decisions just yet.

Nintendo, Capcom and Yelp have all given us prizes to give out on the day. These include a rare Monster Hunter mug and figurines, and Yelp Elite branded chargers (we can confirm these are perfect for charging your 3DS or Pokémon Go device on the go). Nintendo have also told us they will be giving us some eShop credit to bring…


StreetPass Donegal swag pile! Contains donations from Nintendo, Capcom and Yelp

Our swag pile! Contains donations from Nintendo, Capcom and Yelp


Pokémon Go players are invited to take full advantage of the lures we will be putting down at the venue on the day. In addition, Pokémon Go Ireland are aware of this event. There’s a chance they may be in appearance (although nothing is confirmed at this stage. Same with Monster Hunter Ireland!)

On our event page we have information on how to reach Buncrana from different parts of Ireland. Further, for those considering making a weekend out of it (we’ll more than likely be going for a drink afterwards after all) we’ve included information about the various hotels in Buncrana.



Some final points : those under the age if 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. In addition, there will be photos and video footage recorded at the event. We are planning on posting our coverage on Youtube…

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