EGX 2014 Square-Enix Press Gameplay Session – Round-up

Myself and Cyburn had the pleasure of being invited along to the EGX 2014 Square-Enix Press Gameplay Session. This took place a stone’s throw away from Earl’s Court (the EGX venue) at the cosy Atlas Pub. With it’s high-end rustic …Continue reading →

Fission Mailed – The Art of Gaming – Round-up

Myself and Cyburn spread our angel wings and got our celestial butts down to Hackney Wick last Sunday for ‘Fission Mailed – The Art of Gaming’. In the organisers’ own words, this was ‘a one day interactive exhibition… in association …Continue reading →

Shantae – Full Review

Info: Price £4.49, Developer: Wayforward , Genre: Platformer , Players: 1 Shantae is an 8-bit 2D platformer which was released very late into the Game Boy Color’s (GBC) lifespan back in 2002 (which also happened to be the start of …Continue reading →

SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition – Full Review

A speedy, yet simple game The sequel to Gamelion’s SpeedX 3D arrived on eShop last week and brings a more stable experience. That said, it lacks some of the features of it’s predecessor, which is an odd move for a …Continue reading →

Picdun 2: Witch’s Curse – Full Review

Solving Puzzles while fighting monsters with your anime sidekick This game from the developers INTENSE CO has a mixture of dungeon crawling and puzzling in which walking through all the tiles will reveal a picture of various objects on each …Continue reading →

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