dual destinies

3DS eShop releases for 24th October

A huge list of downloads this week for the 3DS, the most noticeable is the latest entry to the Ace Attorney series: Dual Destinies. While some may “Object” to Capcom’s decision to make it a eShop only release outside Japan, …Continue reading →

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Demo available on eShop

For those anxiously waiting to play the latest entry to the Ace Attorney series, there is hope in that a playable demo has been released onto the eShop as CAPCOM mentioned on today’s Nintendo Direct stream. The demo has 30 …Continue reading →

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies’ court date is in October

The trial will be in late October The latest game in the Ace Attorney series: Dual Destinies, will be released in Europe and North America at the same time. On the Facebook page of Ace Attorney, CAPCOM have stated that …Continue reading →

Ace Attorney 5 will NOT get a boxed release in the West

There was the news that Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies wasn’t getting a boxed release on the launch day outside Japan, but that there was some hope that if the demand was high enough that a boxed release could have been …Continue reading →

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