Pokémon X

Pokemon X & Y patch released

For those worried about the bug found last week in Pokemon X/Y which caused the game to lock or freeze when saving the game in Lumiose City , Nintendo has released a patch which can be downloaded via eShop and …Continue reading →

Pokémon X and Y – Full Review

The Pokémon series is one of those franchises that can remain largely unchanged in its formula and still remain loved by its fans. Every new generation adds not only new Pokémon to its roster, but provides major game enhancements, both …Continue reading →

3DS eShop releases for 10th October

A little later than usual, but not the less this weeks 3DS downloads for the eShop, the main feature for this week is a little game where you collect Pocket Monsters and level them up to battle other pocket monsters …Continue reading →

Pokémon X/Y : Eurogamer Expo Preview

I have a confession to make. I must admit I wasn’t fussed whether I got to try the latest Pokémon at Eurogamer or not. For a start I was aware that the game uses the same turn-based, 4 move battle …Continue reading →

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