3DS eShop releases for 18th February

Retail Download: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (Nintendo, available February 19) – €39.99/£34.99 Return to PopoloCrois: A STORY OF SEASONS Fairytale (Marvelous) – €34.99/£29.99 Themes: Dreamcast (SEGA, €1.79/ £1.59) Hi-Tech Sega (SEGA, €1.79/ £1.59) SEGA Saturn (SEGA, €1.79/ £1.59) Pokémon: Champion …Continue reading →

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow VC releases get PEGI 12 rating.

The release of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow onto the 3DS Virtual Console has gotten old school players excited to re-live those memories where there were only 151 Pokemon to catch as opposed to the 700+ today. One thing we …Continue reading →

StreetPass Essex Meet This Sunday!

StreetPass Essex is now a thing! Well, in truth it’s a unification of the various existing Essex StreetPassUK groups (StreetPass Southend, StreetPass Basildon, StreetPass Colchester and StreetPass Lakeside, with a sprinkling of Monster Hunter Essex). You could say it’s something …Continue reading →

3DS eShop releases for 3/4 December

After the hectic Black Friday sales (mostly online) it is back to business with this week’s download releases for the 3DS. Retail Download: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. (Nintendo, available December 4) – €39.99/£34.99 Download: Pokemon Picross (The Pokemon …Continue reading →

Interview with Tom Scott of SmashUK

Tom Scott (usually known as G~P) is the owner and creator of SmashUK! His insanely popular group represent the competitive Smash Bros scene of the United Kingdom. Tom has kindly taken some time out of his busy schedule to answer …Continue reading →

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