Tetris Ultimate hits 3DS in November, eShop version is cheaper.

Earlier, Ubisoft announced that the next Tetris game: Tetris Ultimate will be released on the 3DS, alongside the PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita and PC. We have been given an official release date for Europe/UK and the US. The European date is the 14th November whilst the Americans get it three days earlier on the 11th November.

tetris-ultimate logo

The UK/EU price haven’t been confirmed yet, but with the US prices there is a difference between the physical retail and the digital pricing with the retail priced at $29.99, while the eShop releases is $19.99. This is a unusual tactic for eShop pricing as usually they charge the same rate for both retail and digital (although in some cases it can be dearer to purchase the eShop version).

UPDATE: The eShop version of Tetris Ultimate will be released on the 20th November and priced at £15.99.

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