J-fashion Show, 1pm Upstairs Stage: From London to Tokyo, you will feel transported onto the streets of Harajuku as attendees strut their stuff in an array of styles from Lolita, Visual Kei, Steampunk and Gyaru.

How to Create Manga with Mayamada, 2pm, Downstairs Stage: Creators of the popular manga and t-shirt series Samurai Chef will be passing on their knowledge and advice to budding artists of all levels – not to be missed!

Talent Show, 4pm Upstairs Stage: Forget X-Factor or The Voice. AnimeLeague’s Got Talent is where it is at! Can you sing or dance? Perhaps you have a more unique talent. Whatever it is, enter and show it off! You could be the next big thing, with previous winners now regular performers at the convention. £50 prize for the winner!

Abridgers Blind Reading, 5pm: Special guests the Abridgers treat us to a blind reading, these funny dudes will be sure to have you laughing off your seats by the end

Voice Actress Q&A, 5pm Upstairs Stage: Christine and Cristina take to the stage to answer all your questions from how they got in the industry, favourite roles and everything in between!

The Kut, 8pm Downstairs Stage: Back by popular demand, this feisty all girl trio inspired by the likes of Nirvana, have played at the 2012 Olympics, were voted 3rd in MTVs best unsigned band. You can check out other live music from classical-geek tunes from Kerri Veck (3pm) and Formby (7pm)

9pm-1am, Party ft DJ Jakazid, Baka Punk and J-Pop: Go play our favourite tunes from Kyary, Perfume and Psy as well as chiptune and gaming tracks. Ensue raving and glow sticks!

GAME Tournaments Zone: Over £1,000 worth in prizes to give away over many tournaments throughout the weekend. Fame and bragging rights will be assured to each winner as they go up on the Community Hall of Fame complete with award certificates.

Cosplay Panels: Throughout the weekend our cosplay guests will share the expertise and provide top tips on a variety of subjects from sewing to prop making!


Signing Session, 12- 2pm Chill/TCG Zone: All the way from Los Angeles, voice actresses Cristina Vee and Christine Marie Cabanos to sign your merchandise and maybe take a few selfies! Afterwards check out their Q&A 4pm, Upstairs stage

Cosplay Blind-Date, 1pm, Upstairs Stage: The classic dating show...with a twist. All questions asked and answered in character! Once the couples are matchmade, we then send you off together in to the sunset.... or to the bar...

Abridgers Q&A, 2pm Upstairs Stage: Prepare for an hour of fun and laughter with these top YouTube stars who humorously redub classic anime series such as Naruto, DBZ. Starring MasakoX, X and ElieMonty.

Cosplay Masquerade, 3pm Upstairs Stage: Enter our cosplay contest for fun or to win our grand prize of £100 and £50 voucher from 8bitplanet!

Pub Quiz, 4.30pm, Downstairs Stage: Who will be the King of the Nerds? Test your geek knowledge in our pub quiz. Featuring rounds on both anime, gaming, music as well as some general knowledge. Get your friends together, grab a beer and join in the fun!

Dub That Anime, 5pm, Upstairs Stage: Hosted by the Abridgers, the aim of this event for those who have never seen it before is to dub a short clip of our choice live on stage. The funnier the better. In fact, think abridging on a smaller scale.

Clan Battle Showdown, 6pm, Upstairs Stage: You have been earning points for your choosen clan all weekend. With over 300 points up for grabs in this event, this showdown is the decider in who will emerges victorious! Come along and help your side to victory!

Cosplay Burlesque, 7pm Upstairs Stage: Dancers Dixie Rocket, Mojo Jones and compeer Marcus Gill take to the stage for a one off performance, and a first for UK conventions expect to see your favourite comic characters come to life on stage, as well as some confetti!

Party, 9pm till close: stay till the end and party like it's the end of the world with our farewell party featuring DJ Morganator