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    Streetpass London Meet #8

    1pm to 4pmStockwell Community Resource Centre, 1 Studley Road, London SW4 6RA

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    We are proud to announce the upcoming StreetPass London event! In addition to the usual multiplayer shenanigans we will be playing the brand new Square-Enix epic Final Fantasy : Explorers! Those of you with your own copy (the game is released on January 29th, so 2 days before the event) are encouraged to bring it along, as there will be plenty of opportunity to play cooperatively with others using your own character! For those of you without ; fear not... We will be showing the game off using demo copies and demo 3DSes. This means all attendees will get a chance to play Final Fantasy : Explorers with one another!

    Another game we'll be playing together is Lightwood Games' Wii-U title Word Party! This 5-player party game offers brand new word games mixed with unique multiplayer versions of classics. There will be a tournament in this title open to all, with the top prize being a copy of the game itself!

    Aside from these we will, as usual, be playing all your multiplayer favourites. Expect games of Mario Kart 7, Zelda : Triforce Heroes, Pokémon XYαΩ plus many more! Our attendees tend to have impressive gaming collections, so regardless of what you want to play (even if it's something a little more obscure) you're bound to find someone to game with! There will also be various Wii-U games available to play, such as Smash 4 and Mario Kart 8

    In terms of venue : we've looked far and wide to find you a space that was :

    - central
    - easy to get to (great transport links)
    - spacious
    - state-of-the-art (so we could show off those Wii-U games on a glorious projector)

    ...and have managed to tick every box with the Stockwell Community Centre! The centre, which is less than a mere 3 miles from Centre Point, is served by a plethora of tube and bus routes (the Northern and Victoria lines both run into Stockwell Tube Station). It's a lovely, clean space, and you're all sure to love it.

    This event is supported by Nintendo, Square-Enix and Lightwood Games. We will also be assisted on the day by our friends from StreetPass Southend, NSG and, ofcourse, our wonderful StreetPass London Buddies!

    As always this event is FREE to attend!

    We expect :

    – those under the age of 16 to be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult. For clarification of what we mean when we say ‘responsible’ please see here :
    – attendees to be respectful to other members and towards the venue
    - no alcohol or other narcotics to be brought in or consumed on the premises

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