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    Games London SP London Meet

    6:30pm to 10pmRoyal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London, SE1 8XX

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    We are pleased to announce we've been accepted to run a StreetPass London event as part of the London Games Festival! So as to not coincide with the 'Now Play This' event on April's first weekend, or the mighty Rezzed, which is taking place on the second (both of which are also part of the festivities) we decided to host our first ever weekday get-together!

    StreetPass London is a chance for those who own the Nintendo 3DS games console to get together and play its multiplayer titles with other 3DS fans. This is done by utilising the console’s local wireless capabilities. Our next meetup looks set to take place at the Royal Festival Hall (also known as the Southbank Centre). We look forward to basking in its relaxing surroundings and enjoying some chilled-out gaming.

    What games can you expect the other attendees to be playing? I can confirm our attendees tend to have large collections, which they often bring along with them. This means that ; even if you’re gagging for someone to play a more obscure 3DS title with (such as Tekken 3D Prime) there’s a good chance you will find someone with it who wouldn’t mind giving you a match or two. The most popular games at our events include Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Legend of Zelda : Tri Force Heroes and Pokémon.

    The initial get-together spot will be at the Festival Terrace entrance, where the group will be between 7:30pm and 8. We will then move on to a quieter spot in the venue, which we will post here (we, hence, seriously recommend bringing along an internet-enabled device). If worst comes to worse and you miss this initial get-together don’t fret however, as staff members will be popping down to the entrance at regular intervals throughout the event. You can spot us easily as we wear darkish green tops with our StreetPass logo on the front and back, and the Nintendo logo on the sleeves.

    For the full list of activities taking place at Games London, plus further information on the Festival, here's the website :

    This is a free event.

    3DS fans under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

    See you there!

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