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  • Sat

    Pokémon Gen 1 Tournament @ GAME Bond Street

    1pm - 2pmGAME Bond Street, The Toy Store, 381 Oxford St, London, W1C 2JS

    RSVP at

    It is requirement that everyone taking part registers for the tournament online beforehand. This is free to do! All we ask is that you let us know if you need to cancel. The sign-up page is here :

    We are heading back to GAME @ Bond Street, this time to bring you a tournament in the 3DS Virtual Console Gen 1 Pokémon games! Yes, we're talking about those copies of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow many of you have on your 3DS!
    The winner will receive a prize of £20 Nintendo eShop credit, and the runner-up will receive £10 eShop credit!
    We have space for 32 competitors! If you don't make the initial 32 it's worth putting your name down on the waiting list, however, just in case.


    - All competitors must arrive between 1pm – 2. Failure to do so will lead to forfeit, and your opponent will advance in the tournament.
    - No Pokémon or moves are barred. This is a Casual-friendly tournament.
    - No Pokémon are barred. Again, this is a Casual-friendly tournament.
    - No level cap
    - Only one Pokémon of each species is permitted.
    - Evidence of cheating will lead to disqualification (with the exception of owning/using Mew).
    - If you're not present when we need you to compete that will lead to forfeit, and your opponent will advance in the tournament.

    The event time is set here to 1pm – 2. That's so everyone is clear when they need to be here by. We're obviously not going to be able to get through 5 rounds in an hour, so expect to stick around til 5 or 6. Also be prepared that this could entail some periods of standing while waiting for your turn. However, as with our last fabulous event, the GAME staff will be on hand for any of your Pokémon or gaming needs!

    House-keeping rules
    - attendees to be respectful to towards other members, the venue and the staff.
    - those under the age of 16 to be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.
    - no alcohol or other narcotics to be brought in and/or consumed on the premises

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