Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages could get EU release for Summer 2013

The two Zelda games which were originally for the Game Boy Color were both released in the Japanese eShop last month and at that time they was no word on whether they would see the light of day in the West.

The games in question

The games in question

However according to Eiji Aonuma, who is the producer of the Legend of Zelda Series – appeared on the Zelda Miiverse service on the Wii U earlier today confirming that both titles would be released just before Summer although exact dates or prices haven’t been confirmed yet.

In the meantime if you want some Zelda action there is Zelda I and II (NES), Zelda DX (GBC) and Zelda: Ocarina of Time, all available on the eShop.

Source: Nintendo Life

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  • gbcfan says:

    I cant wait for these to be released, Had both of them on the Game boy color, best games on the GBC … EVER

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