BAFTA Networking Night

HelenBaby and Cyburn were lucky enough to attend the BAFTA networking night held in Picadilly Circus on Monday (8/4/13) evening. In typical BAFTA style this proved to be a glitzy affair, with complimentary drinks and crisps and a large projector screen where guests could try out Journey on the PS3.

As we arrived we were greeted by the wonderful BAFTA team (special shout-outs go to Dave and Rob) and given little stickers with our names on. On here we could write our Twitter username down, the company we were involved with, plus our interests. This really helped people identify each other, and proved a good conversation starter.

The BAFTA team sure know how to put on an event...

The BAFTA team sure know how to put on an event…

Among the people we had the pleasure of meeting at the event were :

  • Mike Fethers – Loading Bar
  • Rob Saxon – Gnarly Games
  • Mayur Patel – Marmalade
  • Shaz – Honey Tree Studios
  • Beena Puri – Mastertronic
  • The lovely ladies from Magicbrew

We had a thoroughly good night and would recommend the BAFTA Gaming events to anyone. To find out about some of their upcoming events please see our events page.


Official BAFTA Games News and Events webpage :

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