Celestial Council Congress #2 ~ 3DS Multiplayer Games

For this, our second Celestial Council Congress, we thought we’d ask the good people of DS:London to advise us on good multiplayer 3DS titles. They are, after all, authorities on such matters.

Taking part this time is Max Maslen, who will be telling us about Mario Kart 7, Rob Bunce, talking aboout Super Street Fighter 4, Tareq Ashry, discussing Luigi’s Mansion 2, and myself talking about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.


Max Maslen
DS:London member since 2009

Mario Kart 7

"One of the most compelling 3DS titles, period" : how Max describes MK7

“One of the most compelling 3DS titles, period” : how Max describes MK7

“I vote Mario Kart 7 as the best multiplayer 3DS game. Like most of the games in the series it effortlessly combines top notch gameplay with oodles of charm and personality.

One of the major pluses MK7 has over the other titles mentioned is the fact you can play against so many others. While most of the big 3DS multiplayer games only cater for twosomes or foursomes Mario Kart allows for a whopping 8 players. There’s nothing so satisfying as releasing a blue shell near the finish line in a room full of gamers and hearing a distant voice screaming in despair! Furthermore you only need one cartridge for all to play and unlike Mario Kart DS downloaders can access every single cup. Granted they can only play as Shy Guy but seeing as he’s actually one of the most well-balanced racers you won’t hear many complaining. Add to that the comprehensive online modes and tons of unlockable extras (which can be unlocked by clocking up multiplayer hours) and you have one of the most compelling 3DS titles, period”.


Rob Bunce
DS:London member since 2010

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Street Fighter 4 3D includes all the characters from its console counterpart

Street Fighter 4 3D includes all the characters from its console counterpart

“When it comes to multiplayer games on the 3DS, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition definitely comes into my top 5. Setting up a multiplayer match is really straight forward, meaning you can be fighting it out with you’re friends in no time at all. Every game mode from the original console version of Super Street Fighter IV has been included as well as a simple Street Pass function which enables you to fight it out with other fighters even when your 3DS is in sleep mode. This Street Pass function also has over 2000 virtual figures for you to obtain, meaning that any completionist out there will be kept happy provided they get enough Street Pass hits.

All 35 characters from the original Super Street Fighter IV have been included such as Ryu, Chun-li, Guile and my person favorite M.Bison. All alternative costumes for each character are available from the start meaning you can bring even more variety to your battles. The control system is relatively simple utilizing all of the buttons on the 3DS and the circle pad. Moves can also be executed by tapping the short cuts on the 3DS touch screen which may sound like a good idea but does give players the opportunity to spam special moves with a simple tap of the touch screen.

There maybe a lot of Street Fighters out there who prefer to keep their matches on home consoles or in the arcade, but I feel that that Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition makes the iconic Street Fighter franchise more accessible to gamers especially if they are new to the game. I recommend new players to use krunker hacks if they want to make the game more enjoyable. This game should be in any 3DS gamer’s collection, just so long as you don’t spam the touch pad shortcuts too much ;)”. You can also check out cold war cheat sheet for any kinds of multi player or single player games.


Tareq Ashry (Cyburn)
DS:London member since 2006

Luigi’s Mansion 2

Nothing like teaming up a gaggle of Luigis to go and collectively do some ghost-busting!

Nothing like teaming up a gaggle of Luigis to go and collectively do some ghost-busting!

“Luigi Mansion 2’s multiplayer mode is great in that it can be played either with Local Play or Download Play (good for those who don’t own this game). The objective of is to get as high as you can in the tower with up to 3 additional players who are part of your team as they try and clear all the ghosts in the room. Another interesting bit is that you can ONLY play as Luigi, while in most Mario games you can play as other characters characters from the franchise. Guessing Ninty wanted to give Luigi all the exposure he can seeing as 2013 is the so-called Year of Luigi.

The gameplay for the multiplayer is accessible yet challenging. When I have been playing it I seem to only reach up to floor 4/5 before dying or fainting XD. Comparing local play and online play ; I’d say I prefered the local as it’s a lot less likely to have players cut out in the middle of the game.

One of the better multiplayer titles for the 3DS”.


Helen Doherty
DS:London member since 2007

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Playing MH3U with others is rewarding in many ways...

Playing MH3U with others is rewarding in many ways…

“No discussion on the best 3DS multiplayers would be complete without mention of MH3U. Heck, this game has meet-up groups and events in its honour springing up all over the Uk, and its only been out since March! (with 3DSBlessed’s favourite being the MHCUK events hosted by our good friends. Find out more here). Yes MH3U, the topic of our first Celestial Council, is a multiplayer RPG of an ilk that has not before been seen on a Nintendo handheld. Indeed the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to it is the legendary MMORPG World of Warcraft. And thats without it even having an online mode (unless you team it with the Wii U version. Which I don’t).

Nothing beats taking a character you’ve invested perhaps 50 hours of solo play in and teaming them up with your mates’ characters (themselves the recipients of similiar time investments, no doubt) and working together to take on a formidable beast you could never have handled on your own. With the action onscreen, all the while, fleshed out in glorious 3D.

The best bit, perhaps, is the exchange of tips and knowledge between you and the others while play takes place ; this is a game that is so deep and with so much to know that even the most veteran hunters will have facts to discover. Social gaming at its best”.


Todays Topic

Mario Kart 7 : http://mariokart7.nintendo.com/
Super Street Fighter 4 : http://www.streetfighter.com/us/ssfiv3d/
Luigi’s Mansion 2 : http://luigismansion.nintendo.com/
Monster Hunter 3 Official Page on Nintendo.com : http://www.nintendo.co.uk/Misc-/Monster-Hunter-3-Ultimate/Monster-Hunter-3-Ultimate-702667.html

Links relating to our Councillors

DS:London : http://www.dslondon.net/
PlusXp : http://www.plusxp.com/

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