Interview with AnimeMummy of MonHun Offline

AnimeMummy has been around the London Nintendo handheld community for many years. In that time the thing she is perhaps best known for is taking over the reigns of running the Monster Hunter Community UK group from its founder (Capcom Community Manager Jake Mackey). This group met up regularly for a couple of years to collectively play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

With the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate AnimeMummy and her friend Izzy Redsell have created a fresh new group to once again facilitate the getting-together and playing of this wonderful game (which our Editor Nathan recently reviewed. Please see here). This group is called MonHun Offline. AnimeMummy kindly agreed to tell us more about MonHun Offline and why you MH4U fans out there should get involved.


What inspired you to create MonHun Offline?

What inspired me ; that is an interesting question… When Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate came out in February the new thing was to be online with your 3DS in your hands. I quickly found myself spending my nights in bed playing online with friends and randoms. However I found not being able to talk and banter with them properly made me feel a sense of detachment. That’s when the idea of MonHun Offline came to me. You really can’t beat sitting in a coffee shop or a pub with 3DS at hand, having a drink and a chat with your hunting friends

In its short time MonHun has already worked with some of gaming’s biggest names. Please recount these for our readers

Well we have teamed up with The Nintendo Spot to help bring early adoptees some extra oomph for their Zenny (which is the currency in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate). Our feedback from Nintendo and Capcom has been extremely positive, and hunters from all over the land have been emailing us asking for events in their local city. I’m very pleased with the level of response we have had in the 3 short weeks we have been live.


The Monster Hunter franchise provides what is probably the best local multiplayer a handheld has ever seen, so it is of no surprise to us that people like Angela want to get together regularly to get stuck in!

The Monster Hunter franchise provides what is probably the best local multiplayer the world of handheld gaming has ever seen. Therefore it is of no surprise to us that people like AnimeMummy want to get together regularly to get stuck in!


What kind of support can those new to the franchise expect to recieve at a MonHun Offline meet?

We alway ask what HR hunters are and will offer to team them up with hunters of the same HR or offer help via our G-rank hunters . We also ask everyone who enters what kind of help they’re looking for on the day and will do our best to make their day as fun and productive as possible.

Does the group have a collective favourite monster to take on abve all others?

For me personally it will be Gypceros. This will shock people but it’s what the monster represents to me . Gypceros was the monster I farmed to obtain my first full set of armour . The pain of the grind made me love the monster. That euphoria of having all the pieces for a full set of poison resistant armour was amazing for me . I will never forget that grind and there you have it ; Gypceros is my favourites monster . The monster to stand out amongst them all for the group as a collective would have to be …. Sergios –


The MonHun Offline logo

The MonHun Offline logo


What sets MonHun Offline apart from the other Monster Hunter groups out there?

Offline is our niche and we go above and beyond to give hunters a fun time at our events. Monhun Offline work tirelessly to provide a real world setting for hunters to enjoy MH4U time and time again.

Personal question ; what weapon do you use in MH4U?


What are your aspirations for MonHun Offline?

To grow ofcourse! Also for people to think of Monhun Offline and have memories flood to them of all the good times our hunts have brought them. We just want to provide regular off-line hunts and provide a safe and fun environment for hunters to enjoy MH4U offline .


You can find MonHun Offline on

You can find AnimeMummy on :

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