MiiVision Winner Announced : StreetPass London!

My oh My. StreetPass London has had but two meets under it’s belt to date. One of which was Sunday’s very successful impromptu meet (thanks to all who came!). As fresh as the group still is we happen to be blessed with a membership that is young, hip and most talented. And one of the members who exemplifies these qualities to the absolute max is our very own Derrin!


Our very own Derrin!

Our Derrin, who attended the MiiVision Finals on our behalf…


Now, those of you who visit here often will recall that there was recently a post about a StreetPass meet happening in North Wales. One of the interesting things about this meet was that it happened to be where the results of the nation-wide StreetPass UK ‘MiiVision’ contest were to be announced. Dreamt up by Nameri (another talented youngster on the scene who has contributed fanfics to this very site) this contest called on 3DS fans from every region of the UK to compose a song based on their area and/or local StreetPass group. Interestingly this song needed to be written and performed through the Tomodachi Life game, one of the latest games to grace the 3DS (think a handheld version of the Sims but with your Mii characters). Derrin very kindly composed a little ditty in honour of StreetPass London called ‘Why London Why’. It was a tongue-in-cheek poke at people in the various gaming communities (I can confirm it’s high level of prevalence in the Sonic community) who complain about big events always being held in London. Derrin’s song was funny, well-timed and flowed well. So it’s of no surprised that it went on to be the overall winner! You can view Derrin’s masterpiece here :


StreetPass London will be hosting our next event shortly (on Sunday 5th October). It is being held to commemorate the launch of the 3DS incarnation of Smash Bros. There will be activities and prizes a-plenty, along with the usual multiplayer shenanigans (Mario Kart 7, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate etc) and banter. Hope to see you there! For more details and to RSVP please see here : https://www.facebook.com/events/1460577850862896


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