MonHun Offline proudly presents: Handheld in the Park 2015

MonHun Offline are a fan-run Monster Hunter meet-up group. The brainchild of AnimeMummy (who we recently interviewed) and Isobel Redsell ; this group holds frequent Monster Hunter events in the London area. And are about to host an event that is a little larger in scale than their usual get-togethers…


The event's custom logo

The event’s custom logo


Yes, their grand 10 hour summer celebration is fast approaching. Taking place on August 8th between 1pm and 11 this event will see Nintendo fans hop between two awesome venues. The first portion of the day (1pm – 6:30) will take place at Regent’s Park (the GPS coordinates of the exact spot can be found on the event page, which can be found at the bottom). From 7 onwards the gang will be situated at Green Man NW1, a pub in King’s Cross which the group have booked out for the evening. This is where the tournament section of the event will take place, with some wonderful prizes on offer (including a Brachydios bag!)


Those epic prizes!

Those epic prizes!


If you’re not too into hunting monsters (and, to be honest, I’m not so much myself) then fear not as you’re more than welcome to play other games. Indeed ; the tournament section of the day will include tournaments in not only Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but also in Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 7 and, best of all, Splatoon!


So MonHun Offline heard you guys like freebies...

So MonHun Offline heard you guys like freebies…


The pub portion of the meet will also feature a plethora of freebies. The only ones that have been confirmed so far are MonHun Offline and Splatoon notebooks, so for further reveals, once again, that event page is the place to go.

To RSVP for this event/view full details please go here :

To join MonHun Offline please go here :


On a final note ; I will be in attendance at the event, representing StreetPass London. Feel free to come over and say hi! Meeting 3DSBlessed readers is a rare treat.

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