My Nintendo: The Company’s Latest Foray into Member Rewards

When Little Mac got his brains beat in during a round on the Nintendo classic Punch-Out!!, he would ask his wise-old trainer Doc for advice. One of his classic lines was to tell his bruised boxer “Join the Nintendo Fun Club Today! Mac.” The announcement served two purposes: First, it let you know that you might need a better strategy in your next round against King Hippo, but it also promoted the platform’s membership loyalty program.

Remember, this was the 1980s, which was before this kind of thing was common. Since then, Nintendo has launched, relaunched and started a variety of new loyalty programs. The latest of which is My Nintendo, which replaces the now-defunct Club Nintendo that shut its doors this past July. Announced in late October, My Nintendo adds new wrinkles to the standard loyalty program, as Polygon reports. My Nintendo offers gifts and discounts for buying games, as like most platforms, but also rewards playtime, which is a new feature that others don’t typically include.

The majority of reward programs simply include purchases and possibly registering products bought outside the rewards club, but stop there. The best reward programs find added ways to make players feel welcome, and one such example can be found at Gala Bingo. What the site does well is find multiple ways to incentivise players, thanking them for playing and giving them added motivation to play games. This includes something called the “Newbie Room,” where new players can compete as they get the hang of the games. It’s a great way to bring new players in. The My Nintendo program follows that by rewarding players for simply playing. While it can be difficult to get rewards at some sites, one thing everyone with a membership can do is play, so no matter how good or bad they are or how much they spend, they can be engaged with the platform.


Another cool My Nintendo feature is that accumulated points can be used to purchase add-on content to increase the enjoyment of a certain game. That enjoyment then turns into more playing time and more points, which can be used for other rewards. This is the hallmark of a good rewards program. It engages players but also creates a self-replicating system. Club Nintendo failed at that, mainly because the service asked players to fill out surveys for each piece of software they wanted credit for buying. That is incredibly boring and most players would skip doing that in order to keep playing. And the thing is, they would then not reap any rewards unless they, you know, kept buying new games.

According to CinemaBlend, the new rewards club plays into the release of two big Nintendo products in 2016. Miimoto, the company’s first mobile game, is set to launch this year after being delayed last year, and the big N is also set to release the Nintendo NX, its next-generation console.

The NX is rumoured to be a console and mobile platform that are interconnected. All of these plans will help launch Nintendo into the future of gaming, or sink the company behind the competition. Given that we’re such big fans of the company here, especially its 3DS, we’re banking on the former.

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