New Leaf Noir #2 by Nameri

Today marks Animal Crossing : New Leaf’s inaugural launch. And to mark this landstone in 3DS history 3DSBlessed are celebrating by bringing you the second part of Nameri’s wonderful AC:NL fanfic (full title “New Leaf Noir Episode Two – The Case of the Massive Museum and the Missing Mayor”). The plot thickens!


“I’ve settled into a beautiful seaside town, found a place to live, and got a job that doesn’t take up much of my time. On the face of it, it’s the good life. But once a private eye, always a private eye. I’m the suspicious type. There’s some things about this place that just don’t add up.




Take the job, and the desk jockey that gave it to me. Isabelle seems to be okay with my “hands on” political style – basically, I don’t show up in the office much, and she doesn’t seem to care either way. She’s nice enough if I come in and plant my feet on the desk, but she certainly doesn’t complain when I’m out all day planting orchards, fishing, fashion shopping and hanging out with the locals. I wonder if she’s more than she appears and playing me for a patsy and I’m just the fall guy for a big cover-up? She wants a mayor, but she doesn’t care what they do… maybe she’s in cahoots with the Nook mob.

Look at the facts. This crazy peroxide blonde Isabelle pounces on the first shmuck to appear off the train from the big city and makes me mayor? The local “businessman” basically gives me a huge debt to keep me in town? Ten grand for a tent?! Okay, maybe the land round here is pricey, but that’s still a lot of bells for canvas.




All the townspeople are all nice and friendly like, but what happened to the old mayor, Tortimer? I thought I’d left the sleuthing life behind in the city, but it seems mystery just follows me around. It might be that they just voted him out because of Main Street being mostly boarded up these days, but where is he? I’d be happier if I knew I wasn’t going to dig him up when I was fossil hunting…

Speaking of fossils, the old codger of an owl in the museum seems fishy too. This little town has a huge museum building – and it’s empty? Guy’s probably got huge debts or something, sold it all off, assuming no-one in this hick place will ever visit the museum. Then I show up and actually set my foot in the door, so he has to keep all the new stuff where I can see it, as I’ve basically donated everything in the place. He must have some kind of skeleton in his closet. Apart from the dinosaurs.

Does he ever leave the museum?! Maybe he owes billions to Nook for a mortgage too… must be the mother of all mortgages for that neoclassical pad. Maybe it used to be an old manor house. You get that sometimes – local bigwig has a posh house and his own private village of feudal servants. Can’t see any other reason why you’d have a massive building like that in this one-horse town. Actually, I’m not sure if there is a horse living in town. I should check. Might be a two-horse town.




The other shop is run by a bunch of spinster sisters. Hedgehogs, I think, or porcupines. Prickly ladies. Mabel, Sable and Labelle. Their parents liked rhymes, I guess. Seem nice enough though. Must be hell trying to put on a sweater when your back is covered in spines. They sell some pretty fashionable gear, too. I wonder what their story is? Like I say, once a private eye, always a private eye. I can’t leave it behind. Put me in a town and I’m trying to find a body and a motive. Why are people here? Why do they do what they do?

I got a lucky break recently – might be a lead on the museum case. Either that or some shady Nook deal. I was watching a guy recently running around town with a shovel, looking suspicious. Then I see him dig a few holes near a rock, and suddenly, CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! He’s smacking the rock with the shovel. I hide behind a tree for a closer look. What do I see… bags and bags of bells! Heavy bags. Must have been thousands of bells! So someone is burying bags of bells near rocks, for someone else to dig up. Money laundering.

All in all, maybe Isabelle’s setting me up. But I’ve got a place to live by the beach and a sweet fishing spot. I guess the best thing to do is enjoy the lifestyle while it lasts, but I’m keeping my eyes open. Anything happens in this town, I’m going to know about it. Might be able to turn things to my advantage. As long as I don’t end up a museum exhibit…”


E-poster advertising Nameri's upcoming AC:NL meetup

E-poster advertising Nameri’s upcoming AC:NL meetup


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