New Leaf Noir by Nameri ~ Prologue

3DSBlessed are extremely fortunate to be hosting ‘New Leaf Noir’ a series of fanfics based on the upcoming Animal Crossing : New Leaf written by the talented Nameri. Many of you will already know of Nameri as she is the host of the upcoming New Leaf StreetPass London (which you can find out more about here).

Here you will find the prologue to the story, with the first main chunk scheduled for release on June 14th (to coincide with Animal Crossing 3DS’ European release). Enjoy!


”So there I was, on a train, with no money and only the clothes I’m standing up in. How did I get there? It’s a long story. Just think of all the reasons why you could end up with nothing, and start from there. I’ve just spent the last of my money on a ticket to nowhere; that’s all you need to know.

I wanted to get away from it all. I’d always dreamed of a little home out in the sticks – pretty countryside, friendly neighbours. By the beach. Do a bit of gardening, a bit of fishing. Maybe if I come into money I could get a few nice antiques. Do the place up a bit. I’m still in touch with a few old friends – might invite them round when I’m settled in.

Somewhere really different. Away from all the people, and the big city. So, this new town seemed like just the place. No people. Just animals. Yeah, you heard me. Just animals.


Sounds crazy, right? Being the only human in a town full of anthropomorphic animals? I’d been to that country before – it was a wild world alright, but friendly. I really got into fossil hunting, helping out the local museum with their exhibits. You’d see a few humans from time to time, tourists. A few settlers, like me. But most of the guys you’d bump into in town would be sheep, or cats, or rabbits, or whatever.

So when I decided to come here, I had a look at the map, and picked a town that looked good. Name sounded like the kind of place I’d want to live. Blew the last of my cash on a ticket. Got chatting to a cat on the train. As you do.

When I got off the train, I had expected it to be all quiet. Turns out there’s some screwed-up dame of a pooch called Isabelle who thinks I’m the mayor. Welcoming committee and all. She won’t take no for an answer, too. So I’m a penniless drifter, just got into town, and now I’m the mayor…


I had a look down Main Street. Ghost town, all boarded up. Well, nearly all. Looks like the town is run by some kind of tanuki family racket. They always are, round here. You know where you are with one of the Nooks though. Poorer.

The head Nook round here says he can sort me out with a house. I wonder how much THIS one is going to cost. At least this time round he’s letting me pick a really nice spot. We had a stroll round town while I decided just how much sea air I wanted. He pitches me a tent out of the goodness of his heart. I bet that’s going to cost me dear.

My first day in town and already I’m thousands in debt and lumbered with a day job. Not quite the idyll I was expecting. Or is it? My unexpected secretary doesn’t seem to expect me to stay in my office, and Nook doesn’t seem that bothered about how long it’s going to take me to pay him back. It’s a “whenever” kind of town.

And it is beautiful; clear rivers with good fishing, the tell-tale spots where fossils lurk underground, woodland with fruits on the trees, wide open spaces, wild flowers popping up here and there. I find a path down to the beach to comb for seashells. If this is a job, it’s my kind of job.


I’ve been idly picking up fruit and shells and find my pockets are full, so off to the young Nooks to offload for “bells”, which is the local currency. I have a quick look at their wares; not much here, but then again, there isn’t much money in this town. Yet.

So much potential though, with all the fruit and fish. My business head starts to think serious bells. Perhaps being in charge of this place is a great idea, in fact. I can get the economy moving, open up some of these boarded shops. A few parks and fountains here and there, invite some tourists round. Get those fruit trees organised into proper orchards. Still keep the charm, of course. Just… organise things a bit.

Case in point; the museum in town is open. But empty. Looks like they’ve just been cleaned out by some master burglar who really REALLY likes fish and bugs. It won’t be too hard to get something new to put in there. Perhaps expand it a bit, build new wings with themed exhibits.

There seems to be so much to do here, and all the time in the world to do it in, and I’m the head honcho this time.

It’s getting late, so I head back to my palatial tent and dream of the future. I’ve come home.

To be continued…”

E-poster advertising Nameri's upcoming AC:NL meetup

E-poster advertising Nameri’s upcoming AC:NL meetup


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