Nintendo Spot’s London StreetPass Meet – Round up

March 23rd. 2 days after the so-called start of Spring. You’d expect it to be a pleasant day, little bit of sunshine, a gentle breeze. However Mother Nature decreed this was not to be. In place of spring sun the denizens of London had to contend with what can only be described as a snow blizzard. Reknown for being lazy, outdoor-fearing types at the best of times, many gamers could be found tucked up inside as a result, in many cases tackling their piles of shame. Not the attendees of The Nintendo Spot’s London Streetpass Event however (which was organised in honour of the new release Monster Hunter 3). Nintendo fans, media people (and a Big N employee or two) made a point of braving the cold so they could meet up and play 3DS together. And, as one of them, I can concur that the trip was utterly worth it.

HelenBaby and Cyburn got stuck into9 the action on Saturday~

HelenBaby and Cyburn got stuck into the action on Saturday~

Its fair to say there was ample gaming going on, as you might expect. Aside from the Monster Hunter 3 tournament put on by the organisers ; punters could be found engaging in Mario Kart, Street Fighter 4, Mario Tennis and more. Those looking for Mii Plaza bonuses like extra puzzle pieces and fighters for Streetpass Quest were treated to dozens of Streetpass hits. The abundance of Streetpass activity was also helpful to players such as myself looking to unlock bonuses in certain games. I was most grateful for the extra money I earnt in Super Pokemon Rumble, not to mention all the Supporter Points in Sonic Generations.

There was a fair bit of Monster-Hunting going on...

There was a fair bit of Monster-Hunting going on…

As mentioned before Nintendo themselves made an appearance. Well, their lovely Community Manager Jonathan Town did atleast. Aside from him there were members of the team from the Official Nintendo Magazine (who were, indeed, covering the event) and people representing all kinds of community groups, such as Harrison from DS:London and, ofcourse, 3DSBlessed! Yes, for the networking-minded Nintendoid the London Streetpass Event was a veritable treasure trove.

3DSBlessed's favorite Community Manager, Jonathan Town, was in attendance!

3DSBlessed’s favorite Community Manager, Jonathan Town, was in attendance!

The event was well organised to say the least. Taking place in Brixton’s glitzy Ritzy hotel, revelers were treated to free drinks and food. 3DSBlessed were particularly impressed by the jerk burgers and spring rolls…

The free food and drinks were a nice touch...

The free food and drinks were a nice touch…

So, in conclusion, The Nintendo Spot’s Monster Hunter 3 was great fun. Meeting, greeting, eating, playing games ; what else could a 3DS fan possibly ask for? We will certainly be keeping our ear to the ground for future events put on by The Nintendo Spot team.

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