Nintendo Life @ Eurogamer 2013

One highly visible exhibit at this year’s Eurogamer (especially from the visual perspective of those visiting the Nintendo section) was the Nintendo Life zone. Partnered with the mighty Eurogamer itself ; Nintendo Life is the biggest Nintendo fansite on the planet. And a British one at that (although they also have writers in America, where they are extremely popular).


Nintendolife are the biggest Nintendo fansite in the world...

Nintendo Life are the biggest Nintendo fansite in the world…


Enveloped with comfy seats and beanbags ; the Nintendo Life section was the ultimate chill-out zone for weary gamers aching to take a load off after all the gaming and just relax for a bit. As you can probably guess 3DSes were a common sight among the revelers, the social aspect of which meant it also happened to be a great place for people to get mingling and making new friends.

Each of the Expo’s four days saw several tournaments being run in this section, with prizes including Nintendo eShop vouchers, lanyards and Monster Hunter 4 t-shirts. These tournaments saw people competing to be the best at Mario Kart 7, the New Super Mario Bros 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Starfox 64 3DS and Luigi’s Mansion 2. The 3DSBlessed team took part in a fair few, and nearly won every time. Nearly! But never quite managed to take the cake… Congratulations to those that did win, however! The action was hosted by the very charismatic Rory Cocker.


There were many 3DS tournaments going on during the con's 4 days...

There were many 3DS tournaments going on during the con’s 4 days…


The stage area itself was very stylishly kitted out like a 1950s American diner, complete with chequered floor and bar-style stools. The icing on the cake, however, was the incredible stage backdrop piece. Donated to Nintendo Life by ‘The Big N’ themselves ; this large slab had a Mario Kart – style track winding around it. Look closer and you’ll see a pattern featuring the logos of top Nintendo games such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Luigi’s Mansion 2.


This picture doesn't do it justice, but take it from us the Nintendolife section looked awesome!

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but take it from us the Nintendo Life section looked awesome!


We don’t know what we would have done without your comfy space, Nintendo Life. I think I speak on behalf of every Eurogamer attendee who passed by your section when I say ; thank you. We’re already looking forward to see what you’ve got planned for us at next year’s Eurogamer!

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