Okamiden Stream On Our YouTube Channel

Yes, we know. We have been quite bad about updating the 3DSBlessed YouTube channel of late. But we haven’t forgotten about it, and hope you haven’t either.

I teamed up with Ronnie of Nintendo Derry earlier to play one of my favourite Nintendo DS games ever. We weren’t able to stream it live to the channel, as the Live capability needed activating and will take 24 hours. We’ve put forward the request, however, and may stream to there in future. If this is of interest to you please make sure to subscribe to the 3DSBlessed YouTube channel, and turn the bell on. You can find the 3DSBlessed channel here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz0sKRfnZ96mtWzA-kf9W-Q


We streamed the video to Ronnie’s Twitch, but made sure to upload it to the 3DSBlessed channel afterwards.

The footage includes both myself and Ronnie playing the game, facecam, plus about an hour or so of the pair of us chatting. Ronnie provides many interesting facts in and around Ōkamiden.

Hope to see you over on YouTube!

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