Preview: Azure Striker GUNVOLT @ EGX 2014

Azure Striker GUNVOLT is an independently published game by the formidable double team that is Inti Creates and Keiji Inafune. Keiji’s work includes Lost Planet, Dead Rising and Onimusha, but what he is most famous for is creating Mega Man. He, deservingly, has quite a fanbase, making this quite an anticipated little title in certain quarters.


The animé visuals were nice. But nothing gamers haven't seen before...

The animé visuals were nice. But nothing gamers haven’t seen before…


My first impression of Azure Striker GUNVOLT was that it seemed like a generic platformer with generic animé visuals of the ilk I’ve played millions of times before (although they are well done). In its defence Inafune’s Mega Man franchise has been copied extensively in the decades since its original release, so perhaps this game’s familiarity is partly because Inafune is a victim of his own success.

This game sees you traversing through various futuristic mecha environs. One interesting mechanic in the game is the “Flashfield” mechanic, where players can auto-lock unto an enemy (even if it is on the other side of the screen). This auto-lock remains as long as its connected gauge does not deplete completely, so the player is free to go crazy with their projectiles!


Overall gameplay was quite repetitive...

Overall gameplay was quite repetitive…


Although this made gameplay slightly deeper than it appears atfirst I still found it fairly repetitive. The game is nothing special in my honest opinion. My cynicism certainly was not shared by the stand’s boothbabe, StreetPass Manchester attendee Vincent Lau! He was enthralled by its visuals and gameplay, stating his intention to buy it on release! I can’t say I understand his enthusiasm, but I guess it could just be a matter of taste!

It is not currently known when this game will arrive in the European eShop, although we here at 3DSBlessed predict it will be soon (owing to the fact its already out in America and Japan, and because it was featured at EGX14).



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