Preview: Fantasy Life @ EGX 2014

Fantasy Life is the latest RPG to hit the 3DS. Developed by Level-5, 1-UP Studio and h.a.n.d, it was released on September 26th 2014 (which happened to be the day after I got to try it at EGX!).



The game’s 3D visuals are a joy to behold!


I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the game’s visuals. I had previously lazily glanced over some flat colour promotional artwork from the game while reading ONM (RIP btw ;_;) and hadn’t been impressed by how goofy or experimental it seemed. Its not that I thought it looked bad per se, merely that it wasn’t to my taste. However, while traversing through the game’s delightful 3D landscapes the game’s novel artstyle is presented in such a subtle way that I only actually noticed it about half way an hour in when I briefly paused to ponder. And by that time I was becoming quite sold on it!

Gameplay-wise this title is an absolute gem. It conbines the best elements of many wonderful games ; World of Warcraft, Dragon Quest 9, Animal Crossing, and even a hint of Cooking Mama thrown in for good measure! You play as a citizen in a quaint little town, and are quickly asked to choose a profession. The varied and intriguing range of choices include Cook, Paladin and Wizard, and your decision impacts how the game plays from that point onwards. I chose the Alchemist career path and, hence, was soon expected to journey out to the fields and collect the ingredients to make my first potion. Once collected, these ingredients were combined by my character using a cool little minigame.


I was wrong to be put off by the game's promo art...

I was wrong to be put off by the game’s promo art initially…


Fantasy Life was the 3DS game I most enjoyed playing at this year’s EGX, and my only regret was not getting more time to play it. It presents a unique amalgamation of some of what are (in my humble opinion) gaming’s finest ideas, resulting in a wholly invigorating and immersive experience.

If you’re a fan of any of the games mentioned previously in this preview you owe it to yourself to check this little legend out.


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