Preview: Siesta Fiesta @ EGX 2014

Another game which was part of Nintendo’s indie selection at EGX 2014 was Siesta Fiesta, developed by Mojo Bones. Similar to classic games Breakout and Arkanoid gameplay centres around a bouncy paddle projecting a pinball. Intriguingly, however, the bouncy paddle is this time a spring bed, and the pinball a baby (which is in a deep sleep and curled up). As always you must endeavour to hit as many blocks as possible in order to accumulate points. Avoiding obstacles is also an important gameplay element, and your skills to this end is added towards your total score at the end.


Quirky modern update of a classic idea

Quirky modern update of a classic idea


During the levels the perspective continually shifts right. You can move the bed left and right, and must ensure the baby lands accurately on the bed in order to launch it back out. If the baby misses and crashes onto the ground you lose a life. Mercifully you have five in total, so it is pretty forgiving in terms of difficulty. As well as side-scrolling levels, you have time trial levels and even boss levels which add to the variety of the game.

The scoring system consists of bronze (you get this just for playing the level), silver and gold medals based on your performance. I found it quite hard to get silver medals never mind gold medals, meaning this game is probably geared more towards those of you after a challenge. There were 6 levels to try in the demo, but I was told that 64 levels are present in the full game.


Siesta Fiesta's Viva Piñata-esque logo

Siesta Fiesta’s Viva Piñata-esque logo


Definitely for retro gamers, especially those who are fond of games like Breakout. This game is out on the eShop for £3.99.


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