Sonic Lost World Meet : Hard Mode

The SonicLondon gang are once again returning to Meltdown London for our 13th meet-up this Sunday, the 23rd February. The shenanigans will kick off at 1:30, and go on til late. Before I begin I must point out that these meets are 18+, apologies for any inconvenience this might cause. Activities will include a Sonic Lost World 3DS contest (you will need a copy of the game to participate in this particular contest this time I’m afraid, hence why the meet has been deemed ‘Sonic Lost World : Hard Mode’). If you don’t have a copy of Sonic Lost World or a 3DS don’t fret, however! You’re still more than welcome to take part in the other contests, which will include a Sonic & Sega Allstars Racing Transformed tournament on the Xbox 360 and a Sonic Lost World themed art contest.


Pic from the most recent Sonic meet, again by Orleans!

Pic from the most recent Sonic meet


As many of our members have 3DSes this meet will prove an excellent place to gather Streetpass hits, particularly if you’re collecting hits for Sonic titles such as Sonic Generations or Sonic Lost World itself. Previous meets have also seen attendees engaging in multiplayer Mario Kart 7 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (among others), and this meet is shaping up to be no different.


Video of the most recent SonicLondon meet, by talented film-maker and attendee Orleans Ofori-Brown


Not up for gaming or contests? That’s fine. It’s also a stellar oppurtunity to just kick back and hang out with Sonic fans. There will be a group of fans, led by Marcus Kemp, dressed up in snood scarfs in homage to Sonic’s new ‘Sonic Boom’ spin-off series (if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the new look Sonic and his friends have been given feel free to check it out here). There will be many big names in the Sonic fandom in attendance, so will be an excellent spot for those looking to meet-and-greet.

SonicLondon ask all attendees to buy drinks at the pub (at least one) as it helps us keep on good terms with the venue owners (they are a business, after all). This shouldn’t prove difficult however. Meltdown have a wonderful selection both of regular drinks and ciders and, interestingly, of gaming cocktails. Some of them even include flames! Myself and Cyburn tested out a few of these last month and found them to be utterly lush. For an up-to-date drinks menu please ask the barstaff who will be happy to provide.


E-poster advertising the meet

E-poster advertising the meet


Lastly, a little announcement. Nintendo have, once again, pledged to help us out with some prizes. We are unsure at this stage what these will consist of, but are very much looking forward to finding out! Last time they contributed over £200 worth of goodies, including copies of Sonic Lost World! While it’s unlikely they’ll contribute quite so much this time we’re still on the edge of our seats wondering to see what they’ll send!

Hope to see you there!


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