Sonic Lost World Meet

The team at SonicLondon (fronted by your’s truly) are celebrating the release of Sonic Lost World with an extra special meet-up on Saturday. Dubbed the ‘SonicLondon Winter Party’ this meet will take place at the Meltdown Bar (the owner of which I recently interviewed here) in London’s Caledonian Road between 1:30 – 5. Activities will include :

  • Art Corner (with a Sonic Lost World-inspired Art Contest towards the end)
  • Handheld Corner (with contests running through-out the day, including a Sonic Lost World tournament among others)
  • Xbox 360 Corner, where punters can challenge each other at Sega Superstars Tennis, Sonic & Sega Allstars Racing and Sonic Transformed


The SonicLondon logo

The SonicLondon logo


Aside from that these meet-ups are a stellar opportunity to come on down and meet up with other Sonic fans,. To read up about past meets (this is the 12th one after all) please see the official site here :

Being a Sonic Lost World meet this event is being sponsored by Nintendo, who have kindly provided the group with a copy of Sonic Lost World for Wii U, one for 3DS, and no less than 9x £20 eShop vouchers! You have to be in attendance to win a copy though, so make sure you come on by!


Come play Sonic Lost World (3DS version) with us!

Come play Sonic Lost World (3DS version) with us! You may even win a copy… or some eShop vouchers!


If you’re thinking of coming please do RSVP. Its a massive help to us to have some idea of how many people to expect on the day. Because of the way Facebook Groups are now run you will need to join the SonicLondon Facebook group in order to RSVP… once again this is helpful to the group so I urge you to please join.


This meet is strictly 18+... Apologies for any inconvenience!

This meet is strictly 18+… Apologies for any inconvenience!


What to bring along :

  • Money for drinks/food
  • 3Dses/PSPs/iOS/Android devices to have fun with over in the Handheld Corner
  • Your sketchbook to show off your art to the other guests
  • Yourselves!


Hijinks : group photo from a previous SonicLondon meet...

Hijinks : group photo from a previous SonicLondon meet…

One last thing, this meet is for those aged 18 years and other. Apologies to anyone this inconveniences!

Here’s that magic link :


Official Sonic Lost World page on :

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