StreetPass London #5 on 5/4/15

On the 5th April 2015 StreetPass London will be hosting our 5th 3DS meet in the UK capital. 3DS players (and their consoles) are encouraged to come along and participate in multiplayer shenanigans with others, be this by playing the latest releases (MH4U, Smash Bros 4, Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire) or older staples of the 3DS library.


StreetPass London group photo

StreetPass London group photo


The venue, once again, is the Royal Festival Hall. Two bugbears people sometimes have when attending gaming events are overcrowded venues and pressure to spend a fortune. The Royal Festival Hall, in contrast, is the most spacious indoor meet venue I’ve personally ever been in! Even on a busy day you’re sure to find ample space to swing your arms, making it a claustrophobic’s dream! There is also absolutely no requirement to purchase anything from the Hall’s vendors, and to be honest most of us don’t!


Our logo

Our logo


StreetPass London has got a lot going for it. And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased! It has a certain buzz in its atmosphere, a sense of excitement that is really quite special. In its short life many friendships have already been formed and laughs had. Further ; we believe the group is currently in a pivotal stage of is evolution, making now the perfect time to get involved!


The bustling scene at our most recent  event in January

The bustling scene at our most recent event in January


To RSVP, view the guestlist, further info and ruleset please view our event posting on the following sites :

See you there!

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