3DS eShop releases for 14th July

This Friday comes the latest installment to the growing Monster Hunter series as well as 2 Megaman games for the NEW 3DS Virtual Console: eShop Retail Download: Monster Hunter Generations (CAPCOM, available Friday July 15) – €44.99/£39.99 Disney Art Academy …Continue reading →

3DS eShop releases for 25th February

We have several big releases for Thursday and the weekend as well and most of these release have a nostalgic vibe to them. eShop Download: Mega Man Legacy Collection (CAPCOM, available February 23) – €14.99/£11.99 Excave III: Tower of Destiny …Continue reading →

The amiibo Jukebox

Just place an amiibo on this device and it will play a track relating to that amiibo's character!

The amiibo Jukebox is a one-of-a-kind device. It responds to having an amiibo placed on it by playing a music track related to that amiibo. So, for example, if you placed a Sonic amiibo on top it would play ‘Live …Continue reading →

eShop only option for Megaman Legacy Collection for Europe

Capcom have being going through the download option on some of their games like Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies and Ace Attorney Trilogy in the Western markets. The upcoming Megaman Legacy Collection likewise will only be getting an eShop release in …Continue reading →

Preview: Shovel Knight 3DS @ EGX 2014

We at 3DSBlessed got the chance to try out Yacht Club Games’ platformer Shovel Knight at EGX14. Shovel Knight at first sight looks like a NES game owing to its retro 8bit appearance, and is in many ways a shoutout to …Continue reading →

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