The amiibo Jukebox

The amiibo Jukebox is a one-of-a-kind device. It responds to having an amiibo placed on it by playing a music track related to that amiibo. So, for example, if you placed a Sonic amiibo on top it would play ‘Live & Learn’, whereas a Megaman amiibo would cause “Mega Man 2 Medley” to begin blasting out of the speakers. Remarkably every single amiibo ever released worldwide is supported, including the various Animal Crossing amiibo cards! You can view the Jukebox in use in this video :


The amiibo Jukebox was designed and put together by Jeremy Beare of StreetPass Basingstoke fame. He was heavily inspired by the amiibo Shelf (which you can check out here). I’m not sure quite how he did it, but understand there was a Raspberry Pi device involved. And some C++ coding!


Just place an amiibo on this device and it will play a track relating to that amiibo's character!

Just place an amiibo on this device and it will play a track relating to that amiibo’s character!


The Jukebox looks great. It is made from an attractive bamboo box, with the indent where the amiibo bases are placed proving the perfect shape and size. It even opens up, allowing curious fans a peak at the technical wizardry that allows the box to function.


The amiibo Jukebox logo

The amiibo Jukebox logo


Attendees at the most recent StreetPass London event (which took place on 31/1/16) had the chance to give the amiibo Jukebox a go. Those who had left their amiibo at home were in luck, as Jeremy had actually brought along his entire collection for us to admire/paw at. People were stunned at how fun the device was to use, and how well it worked.

If you have any questions or queries for Jeremy regarding the amiibo Jukebox please contact him via :

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