DBZ Extreme Butoden gets patched up for Europe

The 2D fighting game based on the 30 year old series Dragonball was released originally in Europe on October 2015 to mixed reception. One of the complaints was the lack of online multiplayer which put alot of people off this …Continue reading →

Ironfall Invasion returns to eShop after homebrew exploit fixed.

Two months ago, Ironfall Invasion which is a free to download single player/multiplayer shooter was taken off the eShop and those with the game could not access online play. This was believed to be due to an exploit within the …Continue reading →

Pokemon X & Y patch released

For those worried about the bug found last week in Pokemon X/Y which caused the game to lock or freeze when saving the game in Lumiose City , Nintendo has released a patch which can be downloaded via eShop and …Continue reading →

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