DBZ Extreme Butoden gets patched up for Europe

The 2D fighting game based on the 30 year old series Dragonball was released originally in Europe on October 2015 to mixed reception. One of the complaints was the lack of online multiplayer which put alot of people off this game.


Extreme Butoden becomes more EXTREME!!

In Japan they got several patches since and one of the new features was indeed “Online Multiplayer” as well as some new characters. But there was no word on whether those patches would reach the Western markets at the time.

But now there is great news in Europe, that the patch called the “Extreme Patch” which not only contains online multiplayer mode, but in addition Training mode, an Extreme Survival mode and some new Z-assist characters. They will also be nerfs and buffs to balance the game as well.

The patch comes to Europe on 7th April 2016, while a North American release is pending.

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