picross e3

Picross E3 – Full Review

I have been a fan of the Picross series since Picross DS and have grown to love this series despite some of the puzzles being frustrating. That said : if all the puzzles were easy then there would be no …Continue reading →

Picross e4 announced, European & North American dates confirmed

UPDATE: The European and North American release dates are the 22nd May and the 1st May respectively. As Picross E3 launches tomorrow (14th November) in Europe, Jupiter Software have announced that Picross E4 will be released on the Japanese eShop …Continue reading →

3DS eShop releases for 14th November

A gloomy monday with the weather, but with this week’s releases you may cheer up. The long awaited puzzler Picross e3 is out this Thursday along with some other titles and discounts. eShop games: Picross e3 (Jupiter Corporation, £4.50) – …Continue reading →

3DS eShop releases for 7th November

As Halloween fades away and Christmas being less than 2 months away, we have the latest list of eShop downloads for the 3DS this Thursday,with some big hits being here, like a puzzle solving gentleman and a batsuit wearing crime …Continue reading →

Picross e3 finally gets European release date

Picross e3 was originally stated for release at the end of September, but Jupiter software have confirmed that the game will be released shortly. In the States it came out today (3rd October), while in Britain and Europe we have …Continue reading →

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