Picross e4 announced, European & North American dates confirmed

UPDATE: The European and North American release dates are the 22nd May and the 1st May respectively.

As Picross E3 launches tomorrow (14th November) in Europe, Jupiter Software have announced that Picross E4 will be released on the Japanese eShop on 20th November.

picross e4 jap logo

Japanese Picross E4 logo

As well as Micross and Mega Picross returning,another feature is that there will be 20×15 puzzle grids, expanding from the maximum 15×15 grids in Picross E, E2 and E3, although still smaller than the 25×20 grids in Picross DS

picross e4 20x15

Harder Puzzles for all

Prices will be $5.99/£4.50/5 euros (US/UK/EU)

Source: NEOGAF forums

Official Site : Jupiter Picross E4 (Japanese)

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