Pokémon Shuffle

Pokemon Shuffle to get Android/iOS versions

Pokemon Shuffle along with it’s newer sibling Pokemon Rumble World are examples of Nintendo experimenting with the idea of F2P (Free to Play) which basically involves downloading the game itself for free, but in order to advance efficiently the player …Continue reading →

First Passcode for Pokemon Shuffle

For those playing the F2P Pokemon Shuffle and are having a difficult time catching that certain Pokemon (especially in the Expert/Special events). Nintendo have provided the first passcode, which in this case gives you 2 FREE Mega Starts (Which can …Continue reading →

Pokemon Shuffle is out on eShop from today

Pokemon Shuffle is available on eShop from today in the EU at least. In last month’s Nintendo Direct stream one of the games announced for release was Pokemon Shuffle. The game while sharing similar gameplay to Pokemon Link/Battle has a …Continue reading →

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