Pokemon Shuffle is out on eShop from today

Pokemon Shuffle is available on eShop from today in the EU at least.

In last month’s Nintendo Direct stream one of the games announced for release was Pokemon Shuffle. The game while sharing similar gameplay to Pokemon Link/Battle has a different way to progression in that it involves in-app purchases similar to many games on iOS and Android devices (Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Simpsons Tapped Out etc….).

pokemon shuffle logo

Pokemon meets Candy Crush Saga


Pokemon Shuffle does this by having hearts and gems in which you need to spend real money or eShop credit to get more of them in order to advance through the levels quicker, with the alternate being waiting hours or even days to advance. This will definitely split people on whether this is a good move for Nintendo to take.

The UK prices for the gems are:

  • 89p = 1 gem
  • £4.49 = 6 gems
  • £8.09 = 12 gems
  • £22.49 = 35 gems
  • £42.99 = 75 gems

Alternatively here are some exchange rates in the game:

5 Hearts = 1 Gem
20 Hearts = 3 Gems
45 Hearts = 6 Gems
75 Hearts = 10 Gems

5000 Coins = 1 Gem
20000 Coins = 3 Gems
45000 Coins = 6 Gems
75000 Coins = 10 Gems


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